Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself.

The truth is sometimes hard to digest. It stands in front of you like a mountain that cannot be conquered, and you’re so scared and sometimes dish out the blame, but you feel deep inside a strength that makes you want to climb this mountain and reach its peak and shout as loud as you can. It’s a poor idea to lie to yourself because lies are fabrications you can dress them up as much as you want to, you can make lies big and fancy and dangerously of all, believable. So circumstances arise, life throws us a few curve balls, and we reach milestones in our lives and all of those situations come with emotion and drama, but its even bigger than that mountain to face it truthfully.

How do you step off a 100-foot pole?

Well if you don’t step off then you will never know what is waiting for you at the bottom. I suppose that you could just stay up there and balance, and then every so often just change foot, or shift your weight, then there is no real change, and certainly nothing exciting in that.

But to step off a 100-foot pole, not knowing, but having hope, and carefully not having a high expectation, there is so much excitement and thrill in that, a little adrenaline too. But that is just me, you only live once, so making it a life worth living, the worst that can happen is that you do in fact get hurt, but all you got to do is pick yourself up and move on, that is how we learn to live, and is too what makes life worth living.

So how do you step off a 100-foot pole, with care, with courage, and enthusiasm? You either want it or you don’t, you either get it or you don’t, but at least you will know that you tried it, and that you lived it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We are afraid of the wrong things.

Afraid, other words for afraid - frightened, fearful, terrified, anxious, troubled and scared these are all words that have the same meaning as afraid that you can use in a situation or in a sentence other than ‘afraid’.

Are we afraid of the wrong things? You cannot say that so generally because you do not know what it is that any person at any given time is afraid of.

There are many things that we can be afraid of, and then for the wrong reasons. I think that we are only afraid when we have reason to be afraid. I know that I am only afraid when I feel unsure or have no knowledge on what is just about to happen. There have been so many defining moments in my life, where I have been afraid – going to America just a year after 9/11, almost a week to date that myself and 9 other friends flew over, we were afraid, but it was that ‘what if’ kind of afraid. What if the plane blew up? What if we were held hostage? What if nothing actually happened? And nothing happened we were just afraid for the wrong thing – I learnt a lot about myself on that trip, and we all learnt a lot about each other. Boys get scared too.

I went to New Zealand, flying via Singapore, on my own, I was afraid not afraid of travelling so far on my own, but afraid of meeting a man that was not part of my life for nineteen years, and now wants to be part of my life. I’m afraid of what my life is going to be like once this man is part of my life. Is being afraid of that wrong? I don’t think so because I don’t know what is in stall, but because it is a journey, and learning journey, I think that it is fine to be afraid in this case, afraid to discover the journey – no I am going to embrace it.

We are what we do.

If I am there for a friend because she needs someone to talk to, am I a psychologist? If I cook supper at home, am I a chef? If a pick my brothers up from school, and then give one or two of their friends a life home, am I a taxi driver? If I help out a friend, family member, or total stranger in the shop pick out an outfit, does that make me a professional stylist? If someone is hurt and I help them out, does that make me a paramedic?

We are not as we do but as we choose to be at any given moment in time. Yes, sure the things that we do define the person that we are, but those things that we do come as a choice, we think before we do, so what we are is not what we do, because sometimes we do what we do because it needs to be done, to get through and survive so that is what we needed to do.

We are not what we do, on a technical note, there are many people out there that are teachers, technicians, drivers etc, and they are not what they do because they are not enjoying what they do, they have no passion for what they are doing. If you are doing something because you have to and not because you have a passion for it, that is not what you are, therefore you cannot be what you do.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What colour is the wind?

Life is just like the wind
it can take you places you would never have dreamt of,
it sometimes stresses you out but most of the time it is magical,
it can make you calm and relaxed
all in an instant.
Then, when I'm laying on my bed and I feel the breeze come through my open window
and I feel the cool blue breeze flowing all around me.
When I'm standing outside looking at the night sky,
staring at the stars that are twinkling everywhere,
and I feel a wind that comes and whisks over my faces,
like a stream of silver that sparkles in the night,
together with the stars, it is amazing, and when it's about to leave
it sure to take a piece of me with it.
When I'm walking on the mountain, I look over the city and the city's wind
comes over me, like a flash of bright yellow infused with an orange burst
and strangely enough the city and myself feel at peace
all over again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

If I were the boss?

If I were the boss, the first thing I would do is take a vacation off the coast of Panama for two weeks, to which I would do no boss work at all.

When I finally return back to my boss job at some multinational, multi-billion dollar company, I’d go straight into my corner office on the 32nd floor, and order Suzy to get me a choc chino and a blue berry muffin, to which she would knock on the door, and I would shout at her for taking too long and find some kind of fault with the choc chino, but drink it anyway. After my choc chino and muffin, I’ll open the cupboard on the far right hand side of my office and watch “Bad Boys” one or two for the umpteenth time because it is one of my favourite movies; on my big screen TV, with surround sound.

I would not be a bad boss, certainly not an unrealistic one either; I have worked hard to get to the top and I know the time and energy that it takes one to make that journey. I would be fair, and passionate, and give everyone a fair chance to voice his or her opinions. I would be reasonable and value my employees, rewarding adequately, and realising the potential in them, we will need each other to grow, and succeed as one company.

After the hard day at the office, finishing at two in the afternoon, I walk down to the parking lot, to my blue Shelby Mustang GT500. The drive home is mostly uneventful, but I get the satisfaction of knowing I get to do it all again tomorrow and that next week I’ll be on the exotic shores of Brazil.

“What! There’s no harm in dreaming…”

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"SA bands suck?"

I disagree with this statement. I think that SA bands have definitely come a long way with their music. Considering the music industry, and its ever changing properties, SA bands have come a long way with their fresh sound to compete on an international stage. Along the way they have received international recognition; Freshly Ground and Ladysmith Black Mambazo winning Grammy Awards, the Parlotones and Seether, picking up an international market.

I must be honest that I was quite dumb downed to our music industry at one stage; until my friends dragged me to La Med one evening and told me that we were going to see Goldfish live – I had never seen them so excited before, and was totally confused as to what all the hype was about, that was until Goldfish performed, I was blown away, and by the end of the performance was totally taken in by them. I am now a Goldfish fan, even owning their CD; I think that they are an amazing band with a difference, some really fresh instrumental sounds, that really get you going. I am also an avid listerner of the Parlotones, GI, and the Rudimentals, to name a few.

Our SA bands have their own flavour, bringing something fresh to the constipated music industry – you write one song and then have two or more remixes along with it, and that is the way artists make three times the profit…